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The Greater Minnesota Partnership has been the leading advocate for economic development in Greater Minnesota since 2013.

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Child care

GMNP works closely with other stakeholders to bring attention to Greater Minnesota's child care crisis and its impact on economic development.

In 2023, GMNP helped secure $6 million in new funding for the 6 Initiative Foundations to expand their child care programs, as well as $13 million for DEED child care grants.


GMNP was instrumental in the creation of the Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant Program, which helps bring high-quality, high-speed broadband to businesses and households in Greater Minnesota.

In the 2022 and 2023 legislative sessions, GMNP helped secure a combined total of $335 million in new funding for the Border-to-Border program.


GMNP leads the push for programs that address the housing shortage that hampers economic growth throughout Greater Minnesota.

In 2023, the Partnership helped bring in $39 million for the Greater Minnesota Workforce Housing Development fund, the most the program has ever received in a single biennium. The GMNP also assisted in the creation of the new Greater Minnesota Housing Infrastructure Grant program in 2023, which received $8 million for grants to help cities build the infrastructure needed to support new housing.

Workforce Development

The GMNP was a leading advocate in the creation of the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP), which provides grants to help Greater Minnesota businesses train workers quickly and fill open positions.

JTIP has received $10 million in state funding since it was established in 2014. In 2019, the GMNP successfully stopped an attempt to expand the program statewide; JTIP funds remain available exclusively to Greater Minnesota.


GMNP is a key advocate for the Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure (BDPI) grant program, which helps cities provide the infrastructure needed to accommodate business growth.

The BDPI program has received $61 million in funding since the GMNP was formed in 2013, $14.5 million of which is from the 2023 legislative session alone.

Business property taxes

The GMNP fights to lower property tax burdens for Greater Minnesota businesses and residents through tax exemptions and the Local Government Aid program.

In 2021, the GMNP successfully advocated for an exemption of up to $150,000 for commercial/industrial property value for Main Street businesses.

Rural health care

The GMNP recognizes the critical impact of heath care challenges on communities across Greater Minnesota, and supports the work of other organizations that advocate for investments and regulatory reforms that enhance regional health care systems and health care workforce development.