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Every Greater Minnesotan deserves access to health care.

When a community lacks access to primary, emergency, mental health, long-term, or elder case, every member of the community suffers. Places with limited access to health care struggle to attract and retain businesses and employees. The GMNP supports policies that ensure that people living in Greater Minnesota receive the care they need, including care delivered via telehealth and other innovative care delivery models. The GMNP also supports investments and regulatory reforms that enhance regional care systems, aid in the development of telehealth systems and infrastructure, and develop the health care workforce.

Rural health care was added to the GMNP policy platform for the 2022 legislative session to recognize the impact that health care services have on economic development in Greater Minnesota. The GMNP supports the work of other organizations to advance the accessibility of health care across the state. We continue to monitor legislation related to health care in Greater Minnesota and develop a policy agenda.